What Can I Expect at My First Visit?

Our office goes above and beyond to make your first visit to Brian Jackson Dental as smooth and painless as possible. Before your first visit, we ask that you complete the necessary patient forms to help you make your initial exam as smooth as possible. If you are unable to complete these forms (background information – the reason for your visit, necessary contact and insurance details, etc) you can certainly complete them when you first arrive.

Comprehensive oral examination: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more thorough dental examination! Think of it as a physical from the neck up. Your examination will include a medical history review, blood pressure and oral cancer screenings, and gland and tissue assessment.

As your exam progresses and we evaluate the current dental health, we may recommend one of two types of full x-rays. For our relatively healthy patients, this will be a 2-dimensional panoramic x-ray, which gives us a  view of all the hard tissue in your oral cavity. For our patients who have had multiple root canals, missing teeth, or signs of infection, we’ll recommend a “full series of x-rays” which can be up to 18 individual films.

We may also suggest bite wing x-rays to complement the full x-ray. These “cavity detection” x-rays allow the doctors to see in between your back teeth. This is one of the most common spots for cavities to develop. We like to get a set of these every year, and they’re comprised of a quick 2 x-rays on each side.

We will complete full-mouth charting of your gums to check for and monitor gum disease and overall oral health. We want to be sure that your teeth have the appropriate bone and tissue support to allow for proper oral and systemic health.

Your hygienist will then walk the doctor through all the data that’s been collected so far. The doctor will give you his recommendations on treatment, discuss options, and field any questions you may have. Together you’ll establish where we’re going with your care. We’ll then tailor treatment to meet your specific needs and your appointment will proceed from there!